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Start Doing Business Online the Right Way

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Start Doing Business Online the Right Way

Ok. Let’s set our terms straight here because that fact of the matter is; you may already be in business!

The question becomes: are you taking a pre-existing business online, or are you starting your online business?

I’ve discussed before regarding the concerns I have with the current state of “internet business” and the number of people that get sucked into so many schemes. I for one am sick of it! It is time that we as business owners, start doing business online; the right way!

Start With Why

Simon Sinek presents the story of Apple and many other businesses in his Best Selling Book “Start With Why”.  Simon explains that great companies, great businesses, don’t look to make a buck off some chump. Great businesses don’t even start with what they are going to sell or how they are going to sell it.

Instead, great organizations (even if you are an organization of one) start with “why”.

The “why”, is at the core of how we do what we do. Your “why” is your purpose!


What is your purpose?

What is your “why”? What is your cause? What do you believe?

I believe the internet is a place of people and that doing business online is honorable.

I believe that we as online business owners must serve our customers, stop selling mis-truth with so much mis-information products, and bring the personal connection that exists with a brick and mortar establishment onto the internet.

How do I do that?

I set the record straight, set people up to succeed, and learn as much as I can, so I can share as much as I can.

What do I do?

One of the “whats” is that which you are are reading right now. BiR. I help business owners and people who want to be business owners; do business online the right way.

Business is Business…

…and people are people. So much effort goes into marketing our businesses online. What if your customers did the marketing for you?

One of the most powerful ways to get your message, your purpose, across the internet is through leveraging the power and influence of your audience. But how?

Give Value Now

There are two basic business models…or perhaps stated better; there are two sales funnels you can follow.

  1. (how not to do business online) Give value later


    2. (how I want you to do business online) Give value now!


When you give value now to your audience, you empower them to share your message, to share your “why”, all across the world.

Sound intimidating? It might be at first. And don’t get me wrong. It is a lot of work…especially at first. But it is oh so worth it!

I leave you with this

Which way are you going to do business online?

And more importantly; What is your “why”?

Here is Simon Sinek giving a TED Talk about this very topic of finding your “why”. How Great Leaders Inspire Action

And that’s it.  That’s the end of the post.  What questions do you have?  I’d love to chat in the comments below.

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