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In Lead Generation, you must Always Be Closing

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In Lead Generation, you must Always Be Closing

In our first article, Do You Make The Right Calculations For Your Blog Earnings? we learn how vital leads are in earning real money to our blog.

Always be Closing

Lead generation is very profitable when done the right way. We will not cover how to do lead gen here because it is a long and separate topic to discuss.

There are a number of professional internet marketers who earn big amount of money by just doing lead generation.

The one thing common about these pro internet marketers is they found and constantly practices the effective creation of their email copy.

They can write effective copy with a very enticing call to action that their readers can’t resist to go though.

I tell you, there is no perfect science in practicing what pro online marketers are doing. I should even say that it is an art.

It is how we creatively plan and execute our online campaigns that separate us from the herd.

You may wonder why we have the words “Always Be CLosing” in our title. It is because when we do Lead Generation, the most important thing to do is to always close the deal.

Please watch this very inspiring video below (if you have already seen this video, it pays a good re-watch):

Blake’s speech comes off strong much like a football coaching trying to motivate his players at halftime.  In a nutshell, he’s telling them if they can’t close the leads (get people to buy) then they need to step out of the way for those that can.

So what does this have to do with online and mobile lead generation?  Well… Everything…

It’s one thing to get tons of visitors to your website, mobile application, or landing page but it’s another to turn those visitors into sales.

“The guy doesn’t walk on the lot unless he wants to buy,” is what Blake says in the clip above.  If people are hitting your page, then they’re interested in something you’re offering.

Another acronym used in the movie, AIDA.  Attention, Interest, Decision, and Action.

So let’s relate this to an online campaign:

Attention – You do this by grabbing their attention through your ads.

Interest – As long as your ads aren’t click jacking, you’re saying something that grabs their interest.

Decision – The point of your landing page is to help them make the decision.  Remember, you now have them on the car lot, WHY should they buy a car?

Action – Once their decision has been made, the prospect has to take action.  It’s your job to ensure their interest is so high, their decision is made, and they convert.

Lightbulb going off in your head now?  Every landing page you present to a visitor, you should have already considered these important items.  Above all else, you should Always Be Closing.

What’s the point to your campaign?  To get conversions! Credits: Always Be Closing – The Keys To Lead Generation Success – IMGrind