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How Beginners Earn Money Online On YouTube?

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How Beginners Earn Money Online On YouTube?

Today, I will answer a question from one of Business Insiders Report visitors. Her question is: How beginners earn money online on YouTube?

How Beginners Earn Money Online On YouTube?

Earning money on youtube is given. There are many individuals who have earned thousands of dollars through youtube.

If you are just a beginner in the world of online marketing, then this is the perfect article for you as I will guide you through earning online through youtube.

I should emphasize this: “I will guide you through”. At the end of the day, it is you who will do the process of making money online.

If you make due diligence and thinking out of the box, you will succeed in online marketing. The problem to most newbies is that they just simply follow what others told them and if it won’t work, they will get discouraged and find a new way to make online.

I’ll be honest and I’ll tell you ahead, what I share here is already an indicative meaning, have been tested and worked out but might not work anymore due to many factors.

What I mean is, you should not just literally follow the steps, you should also think out of the box so that you will be 1 step ahead of the competition. You know, when you and thousands of newbies do the exact same promotion, it will saturate that certain market.

So your only solution is to find a new angle wherein you are the first one to promote it that way. You should always do a new angle because sooner, others will copy what you do. If you are always ahead of everyone, you will get the big share of the pie!

Steps on earning online through youtube

First, head over to gmail and signup for a new account.

After you successfully signed up, go to youtube and login with your new gmail account username and password.

Verify your youtube account with your mobile number, this enables you to be a youtube partner.

Once you are inside youtube, find the create channel button and do the steps provided.

Got to Channel settings and enable monetization.

Find the “how will I be paid”, click on it and associate an adsense account.

Once all of these steps are done, you can start uploading your videos.

How to monetize your youtube videos

Once your uploaded videos are live, you can either enable monetization or promote any affiliate links.

Enable Monetization

If you enable monetization, youtube will embed google advertisements in your videos. Every time you have new visitors to your monetized videos, youtube will track them and give due earnings for you.

Promote Affiliate Links

You can also promote any affiliate links of yours. The way to do this is to include the affiliate link at the bottom of your video or on the description just below your youtube video.

That affiliate links could be from your amazon associate, clickbank, cpa networks, and other affiliate networks.

Remember: you should place your raw affiliate link in the first line inside the youtube description form (just below your video)

My advice here is to test enable monetization for a month and then on the next month, your other affiliate link.

This way, you will scale your earning by just promoting the one with the high conversion rate.

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