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Do You Make The Right Calculations For Your Blog Earnings?

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Do You Make The Right Calculations For Your Blog Earnings?

Do You Make The Right Calculations For Your Blog EarningsA number of newbies online hastily starts creating blog with high hopes of earning big amount of money through it.

They get motivated from random advice of self proclaimed blog guru.

They firmly believed that a bunch of content along with banner ads in their sites will make them lots of money. However, after setting up everything, money just doesn’t pouring in. Frustrations then sets in and many of them quit, believing that blogging does not work.

This is really the sad reality.

If you have not started your own blog yet, we have a good news for you! We have found a golden advice from a certified guru of this field that we’d like to share to you.

Here is his take:

The difference between the broke, frustrated blogger and the high-profit, authority blogger is…


The broke blogger doesn’t know his numbers. The broke blogger doesn’t measure.

If this sounds like you… it’s not your fault.

They don’t teach this stuff in college. Heck, they don’t even teach this stuff in graduate business school.

The crazy thing is that it’s not even complicated math. If you know your multiplication tables, you’re good.

Here’s your key metric: $1 per subscriber per month. Source: digitalmarketer

Please watch the video below for the detailed information:

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