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Can We Really Earn Big Online?

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Can We Really Earn Big Online?

Today’s post is about the question: “Can we really earn big online?”. We will try to answer it in a not so philosophical way.

earn big online

Let us get started.

The question is very specific because it only directed with earning big online and not offline.

So, we will resolve first that we will not address the question by answering it with examples that are for offline matters – only for online.

Earning online is very possible nowadays. We can earn through working for clients with the skills we have like: writing, programing, design, and the like.

However, if your dream is to earn really big through online, like 6 – 7 figures a Month, having your own product to sell or selling other people’s product as affiliate is your way to go.

Let us give you a clear picture though between the 2 ways of earning online as listed above.

1. Working with clients. Getting work for a client is a sure way to earn stable monthly income in the form of salary. As long as you are good and get tasks done, you are always secure.

But unless you are the kind of high level programmer working in google or in facebook, you cannot expect to earn 6-7 figures a Month online.

2. Having your own product or selling other products as affiliate. With this kind of earning online, you have a chance of earning huge amount of money if you are doing the right way.

Let me emphasize this more – “doing the right way”. Earning through this kind of method is not an easy task – it deals a lot of dedication, patience, money, and RISKS.

There are a number of stories online that some internet marketers are losing thousand of dollars with no return. Because they are not doing their homework and they are not doing the right way.

This is not to discourage you but we would like to be more direct about this because this a serious business in the first hand.

However, there are inspiring stories about online success.

Mind you, there are people earning thousand of dollars by selling their own products or selling as affiliates.

In 2010, after losing his job, Brandon Stanton began to take candid photographs of people on the streets of New York and post them to Facebook.

Self-taught, Brandon took photos that reflected his passion, and these photos quickly began to gain traction on Facebook.

Humans of New York now has over 12 million Facebook likes, and it has launched a speaking, photography, philanthropic and media career for Brandon.The revenue generated by HONY prints sold goes directly to charity, and Brandon makes a living from the royalties of books sales and new freelancing opportunities. Credits: 15 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Who Earn Income on Social Media – Buffer

Two years ago, Jeff Goins quit his day job to pursue his passion for writing full-time.

He now has built a tribe of over 100,000 people, and has just launched his fourth book, The Art of Work.

This is all made possible by social media.

Jeff began writing on his blog,, and continued to work in his day job. He then began to earn more on his blog doing what he loved part-time than he was in his full-time job. Credits: 15 Inspiring Entrepreneurs Who Earn Income on Social Media – Buffer

So, as to the question on can we really earn big online? Our take is in the affirmative. As long as you do patiently your homework and applying it with all due diligence and perseverance, earning big online is attainable!

With regards as to how to do the right way of online marketing, let this site of ours guide you the way. We will be regularly posting content that aids you in your online marketing journey.

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