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7 Money-Making Ideas You Can Steal

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7 Money-Making Ideas You Can Steal

Hi, and WELCOME to and to the ‘1st of February 2016’ update! Now, let’s hop over to the latest article I have in store for you!

7 Money-Making Ideas You Can Steal

This month I thought it’d be cool to share a few online business ideas that I’m SURE are money makers, but that I simply don’t have the time to act on.

Even if you don’t choose to use any of these ideas, hopefully you’ll find my approach useful and it’ll open your mind to the types of possibilities that exist…

If you’ve got some spare time, consider taking one of these ideas and making it your own (let me know how it goes)!

How This Post Works…

Each of my 7 ideas are detailed below (they’re not in any special order).

After you’ve read through this page, I’d love to hear any feedback you may have and to answer any questions, so please leave a comment (all comments are read by me, and all are published!).

Let’s take a look now at idea #1…


Idea #1: Rio de Janeiro Olympics

Rio, Brazil

Trending topics always present huge opportunities, and with the Olympics starting in Rio in August, now is the PERFECT time to prepare to cash in…

Check out the search engine traffic peaks for the last few Olympics shown on the Google Trends graph below:


With internet becoming more used every day, expect the Rio Olympics peak to be massive, bigger than London…

How I’d Attack This

If you’re a 100k Factory member, this is the ideal opportunity for you to build a huge Facebook following, and a ‘viral friendly’ news blog, and cash in on millions of visitors. It’s PERFECT!!!

If you’re NOT a 100k Factory member, here are some tips as to how you might want to approach this:

  1. Get a domain name related to the Olympics (something like “” or “”)
  2. Start adding news-worthy content to the website
  3. Create a Facebook page and syndicate the website content
  4. Run ads to build a large Facebook following
  5. Boost your website posts by adding them to your Facebook page and running ads
  6. Cash in with Adsense or affiliate programs.

Another option is to build a website about Rio de Janeiro Tourism which is specifically related to the Olympics. You could cover:

  • What to do in Rio during the Olympics
  • Transport information
  • Event locations and dates
  • Hotels to stay at
  • Tours
  • etc

Idea #2: WordPress Theme Demo Videos


If you’re familiar with using WordPress, then this idea could become very lucrative very quickly for you.

What I’d like to do (if only I had more time!) is make WordPress theme demo videos and use them to build a list which I can then sell products to.

The reason this would work is because the traffic is SO easy to get. Getting ranked at the top of Google and YouTube for search phrases like “theme name demo video” and “theme name tutorial” is EASY, and the videos solve real problems, so really add a lot of value to the viewer.

How I’d Attack This

I’d build a website on a domain like ‘’, and I’d start adding different WordPress theme demonstration tutorials… I’d plan it all out, and maybe aim to add 2-3 new videos per week.

Over the course of a year, I’d have a HUGE website with about 150 different theme demonstration videos. Each video would also be added (with a transcription) to YouTube.

On every single YouTube video I’d include links to my website and also to opt-in pages where step-by-step theme instructions could be accessed (or other useful information).

By the time I have 150 demonstration videos up, I’d have a huge number of daily viewers, check out the image below:


As you can see, this video has had over 12,000 views in 11 months… and it averages over 30 views each day. Even if my demo videos only averaged 20 views per day, with 150 videos, I’d be getting 3,000 views per day, which is over 1 MILLION views per year.

You could monetize the videos with ads, or just work on building a monstrous email list to sell products to… either way, you’d make a LOT of money.

Idea #3: Q&A Health Related Website


One of the best online niches is health.

I’ve been fortunate to have earned a LOT of money over the past decade from health related affiliate sites, and in 2016 there’s still an enormous opportunity to build high quality health websites and make decent income from them, all while helping people solve their health issues.

How I’d Attack This

What I’d do is build a site about a certain topic (arthritis, eczema, asthma, hair loss, hearing problems, hemorrhoids, acne, etc) and base the content on common questions people have about the topic.

For example, if I were doing it about eczema, I’d start by heading over to big Q&A style websites (Crowd Force would be a GREAT tool to use for this project) like:

Here’s a comprehensive list of Q&A sites:

I’d start by making a big list of 100 different questions, then I’d make a webpage (blog post) about each one, to answer each one (I’d outsource everything).

Each webpage would have pop-ups and exit pops ( would be IDEAL for this, if you don’t have Bounce Breaker, you can get a ‘Lite’ account here:, and I’d funnel people into an email list.

The email list would provide value to the subscribers, but also sell affiliate products related to the topic/problem that people are interested in. I’d also review and compare common treatments for the health issue on the site, and make affiliate commissions as a result.

Idea #4: Info Product


Info products can be great earners and also very fun projects to work on. My idea here (which I’d do if only I had more time!) is to create a comprehensive info product about selling physical products on eBay,, and a range of other non-Amazon channels.

My target customer would be an existing Amazon seller who’s looking to expand into other areas, but is unsure how to do it.

How I’d Attack This

The first pre-requisite would be that you’d need to be selling on Amazon yourself, this would be important, as Amazon is the place most of your customers would come from.

I’d build this as a comprehensive case study.

I’d personally start selling products in 5 or 6 non-Amazon channels, and I’d document every step of the process.

I’d create a PDF which might have 20-30 pages about each alternative sales channel, so would be about 100 – 150 pages in length in total.

Once it’s written, I’d write a sales page (we do our own copywriting, but you could hire a copywriter to do it for you) and then I’d contact people like ME to show what you’ve created. I’d try to form a partnership…

Let’s say you do this, you’d send an email to our support desk ( with a download link to what you created and a link to the sales page. You’d say you’re looking to partner, and we’d then review your product and reply to you. A partnership is one option, another is simply to sell the rights to what you’ve created.

You’d eventually find someone with an existing email marketing list who is willing to partner with you, and you’d sell the program and make a lot of money.

If you couldn’t find someone to partner with, then you could publish the product on Clickbank (or as a Warrior Forum special offer, WSO) and start making sales yourself. This option would take longer, but you’d still end up with a decent income.

If you want to do this, please contact us, it’s a project we’d love to do, we simply don’t have the time to document everything!

Idea #5: Amazon White Label…


This blog post wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t mention the elephant in the room at least once…selling physical products on Amazon!

Unlike the other options I’ve mentioned so far, I’m not going to explicitly list out good products for you to sell, because there are literally thousands of great products which you can sell on Amazon. This business model is NOT saturated… not by a long shot, and it’s not hard to come up with ideas.

How I’d Attack This

I’d start by downloading our White Label Cashflow Cheatsheet and simply working through the step-by-step guide (available to Blueprint Pro members).

I honestly believe that this cheatsheet is the BEST white label training that exists… period. It covers everything you need to know to get started.

We expect new products we launch to earn us $2,000 profit per month (this is VERY conservative, sometime you’ll do 10x this).

I’d build out a business plan for my year based around launching multiple products, and then I’d get down to business and actually do it. I’d make sure I’m earning at least $10 margin (ideally much more) on every product I sell.

This is not rocket science, it’s just a case of working the plan.

Idea #6: Foreign Language Websites


As you may already know, I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina (been here about a decade now). Spanish is the national language here, and is also spoken by 399 MILLION people worldwide, and well over 37 million JUST in the USA.

I’ve often wanted to build a website targeting the Spanish market but just haven’t had the time. And it’s not just the Spanish language that presents an enormous opportunity… this concept is something that could be applied to any foreign language, the key as with all businesses, is to ensure there is enough demand to make it worthwhile. For most mainstream languages, there is plenty of demand for a wide range of products.

How I’d Attack This

I’d start by identifying a product that’s proven to sell well in a non-English language. Clickbank is an easy starting point. I’d go to the ‘Advanced Search’ page in Clickbank ( and search all categories for Spanish products (I’d then repeat it for German etc).

That initial search would get me a big list of results, which I could then filter as shown below:

As you can see, first I’ve said I only want to see products with a gravity of 20 or higher (this means at least 20 other affiliates have recently made sales of the product, and is a great indicator that the product sells), secondly I’ve filtered by gravity from high to low, and my third step would be to look at other languages.

In just a few minutes, I’ve uncovered lots of proven products I could sell. Next it’s just a case of finding something I’m comfortable selling, and then I’d think about how to sell it.

One easy option would be to build a traditional ‘Authority site’ (for example, in that language. I’d hire a Spanish writer (or whatever the language is), and I’d build the site.

I’d then look at using Facebook advertising, and traditional SEO to get traffic. I’d build an email list, and I’ll sell products.

The attraction to this idea is that in non-English languages, the competition is a fraction of what we’re used to in English, so it’d be possible to establish yourself as a true authority in some niches and eventually have a huge following, this is more difficult to do in English these days.

Idea #7: Local Search Engine Marketing


Idea #7 is just too easy to NOT do…

When I was in New Zealand recently, I spent quite a bit of time in Masterton, a small rural town (population of about 20,000) where I grew up, where my parents still live.

Although Masterton only has a population of about 20,000 people, there are a ton of local businesses who I’m SURE would want the help of an online marketer to run local marketing campaigns for them…

The great thing about this opportunity is that you don’t even have to be that experienced in online marketing, you just need to know a LITTLE more than they do.

Local businesses just have no idea what they should be doing… should they dive into Facebook? What about paid Google ads? Should they get listed on Yelp, and if so, HOW? What about Google Maps? How can they get to number 1 in Google?


Another thing I love about this opportunity is that you don’t actually have to DO the work yourself… you can outsource it. All you need to do is make contact with the company, and sell them your services… it’s not hard, and since you can get quick results, it’s something you can do for free initially, so the local businesses really have nothing to lose.

How I’d Attack This

If you’re a Blueprint Pro member, then I’d dive into the 110-page SEM Cashflow Cheatsheet.

I’d also go into the ‘Archive’ section of the members’ area and get the SEM Business Blueprint, an amazing course with all the training you could possibly need to start this business…

I’d then do the following:

  • Make a list of 20 local businesses to approach.
  • Print of professional looking business cards
  • Build a simple website explaining what I do
  • Spread the word amongst all my friends and family

Next I’d start visiting the local businesses on my list to explain what I do. I’d present myself very professionally, and I’d try to make an appointment to sit down and speak to the business owners.

If I were doing this, I’d aim to get 5 clients in my first week… there’s just so much demand for it that it really wouldn’t be hard at all…

This is the kind of thing that you really would need a training course for, so if you’re not part of Blueprint Pro, you would want to find a way to get into the membership (get on the waiting list), or else simply go and buy our SEM Business Blueprint program at

NOTE: This program was launched YEARS ago… most of the training material and templates is still very applicable in 2016 though!

What do you think?

So that wraps up the 7 ideas money making opportunities that you can steal… things I’d love to be able to do, but just don’t have the time.

I’d love to know what you think and to be able to answer any questions you make have, so leave a comment below!

Until next time,

Alex Sammers

We also would like to thank Adrian Booth for the help with this amazing article. Check him out too! Tons of cool staff!

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