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3 Insider Tips To Effective Blog Earnings

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3 Insider Tips To Effective Blog Earnings

Ready yourself for an insider tips to effectively earning through your blog.

3 Insider Tips To Effective Blog Earnings

But first, a little introduction about blogging.

Becoming a blogger is very easy nowadays. Gone were the days where creating a website was a real pain.

In the advent of blogging platforms like wordpress, blogspot, squarespace, tumblr, and the like, you can literally have a website of your own within minutes.

Depending if you already have a hosting account, you can easily create hundreds of sites in no time.

Majority of bloggers, both pro and newbies, are geared towards building their blogs for earning.

There are various ways to earn online through your blogs. We even have discussed this in our previous post: CPA vs Google Adsense – Which One Is For You? But the method of earning that we are going to talk about on this post is promoting affiliate products.

So without further ado, we will now give you the 3 insider tips as to how to effectively earn through your blog.

  1. Only promote products that are very closely related to what your blog is all about.I could not stress this out more. It is always a good practice to only promote products that are related to your blog.
  2. Promote only 1 High Quality related product.We suggest that you only promote 1 high quality product that is closely related to your blog. With your high quality contents and 1 high quality product, your chances of getting conversions is high.Having this kind of setup is way better than bombarding your blog visitors with various products and banner ads in your header, sidebar, and inline of your content area.
  3. Promote the owner of the high quality product.Find ways to contact the product owner either before or after you are going to promote the said product to your blog.Once you have established a line of communication with the product owner, make a written interview or better a video interview about how good the product and how it can potentially help your blog visitors.Publish the interview to your blog and promote it to your list and to your visitors.

    You can also ask the owner to have some few scheduled guest posts to your blog to further established an authority and expertise to both the product owner and you about the subject matter of your blog.

Just a friendly advice: Never publish anything from the product owner that is an obvious sales pitch of the the product. See to it that the one you will be talking about gives far more value to your visitors and not just a typical BS product sales pitch.

#1: Forget about making the sale and focus on helping people

You hate the idea of selling? That’s fine — good, even — because the most effective salespeople are the ones who aren’t focused on making the sale.

Here’s why:

People can tell whether you care about them or not. Regardless of whether you’re in person, doing a video, or writing a sales letter, they are silently watching to see where your loyalties lie. And if they sense you care more about making the sale than helping find the product or service that’s right for them, they’ll immediately distrust you.

So stop trying so hard.

Forget about how much money you’ll make if they buy, and forget about sales goals or quotas or even your own objectives. Instead, focus on them. Make helping them your number one priority.

If that means recommending your product because it’s genuinely the best solution to their problem, great. Or if it doesn’t look like a good match, that’s fine too.

What’s important is that you care, that you be honest, that you tell them the truth, regardless of how it affects your bottom line.

Remember, the really good salespeople — the ones who make seven figures a year in commissions — aren’t pushy. They’re selfless. They’re so focused on the customer they almost cease to exist.


#2: Don’t even mention your product for the first 20 minutes

Lots of sales people pride themselves on the “gift of gab.”

They never stop talking from the moment you meet them, spinning stories, telling jokes, talking up their product or service, believing that if they talk long enough, if they push the right buttons, if they don’t give you a chance to object, you’ll finally submit, and they’ll make a sale.

That’s why we avoid them. We lie and say we’re just browsing, not because we want to deprive them of making a sale, necessarily, but because we’re sick of their spiel. If we let them get started, we worry we may never get them to shut up again.

The better approach, of course, is to say nothing. Instead of talking your customers into buying your products and services, do nothing but listen for the first 20 minutes. Let them do the talking. Make absolutely certain you understand their needs before you even mention what you have for sale.

Shockingly, you’ll find people want to buy from you. Not because of your charm or your wit or your knowledge about the product or service, but because they feel like you understand their needs, and so they trust you. That trust is worth more than all the words in the world. Credits: 6 Ways to Sell Without Selling Your Soul

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