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2 No-Fuss Dating Offer CPA Vertical Promotion

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2 No-Fuss Dating Offer CPA Vertical Promotion

Dating is an evergreen niche. There are millions of people who will search for online dating services every single day. If you position yourself in catering this demand, you will surely earn in no time.

2 No-Fuss Dating Offer CPA Promotion

The best way to start promoting this kind of offer is to first register on a CPA Affiliate Network and once accepted, find dating offer CPA vertical from this network.

2 No-Fuss and Ideal Dating Offer CPA Vertical Promotion

  • Register in a CPA Affiliate Network

Promoting CPA Dating Offers through CPA Affiliate networks is the safest bet for beginners.

Most big dating sites delegated their marketing efforts to affiliate networks and joining directly to these major dating sites is hard for newbies except if you can generate volume of leads for them. Having a huge volume of leads is not typical to newbies so, I highly recommend to promote through CPA affiliate networks.

Before joining any CPA affiliate networks, you must first learn their unique language and do your homework anything about CPA marketing. I will not discuss it here because it deserves a whole new article post.

Before you join, you must have at least your own domain name. I assume you have one already, so let us keep on going.

One of the newbie friendly CPA Affiliate networks I personally know is Peerfly and Maxbounty. You are good to promote future profitable CPA offers through these 2 networks alone. Join them.

Once you get Accepted, you can now promote several verticals and start earning from CPA offers.

I know, you have already read several times in this post the word “vertical”, and you might ask me what is that? It will be part of your homework, we’ll keep it at that, as it is one of the unique CPA languages that you must know.

  • Find Traffic Source Ideal For Promoting Dating Offers

I was having successful campaigns before with Plenty of Fish. It was and still the best quality traffic source for dating offers. However, they are currently no longer accepting new advertisers. Just imagine how old advertisers are banking at this very moment because there no additional new competitors they will be dealing with.

If you really want to have POF Ad account, you can buy one but be sure that you buy it from very trusted source otherwise you’ll get scammed.

You can also do Joint Venture. Find reputable forum members in internet marketing forums and ask them if you can do JV with them.

If the process of getting POF Ad account frustrates you, hey! it is not yet the end of the world! 🙂 You can still promote dating offers in other sources like 50onRed, zeropark, and other traffic sources that are allowed by your offers.

Make sure to check the traffic requirements of your offer. You can find this in the offer page inside your affiliate network account.

You can now also ask your affiliate manager for dating traffic source recommendation.

When I first started promoting dating offers before, I run a $25 test campaign and earn $75 profit right away. So, I replenish my ad account and start scaling.

It was my first taste of aha! moment and it all started from that humble beginning.

If you have further questions, please feel free to ask them at the comment form below! 😉

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